Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solution

Introducing the 1st Fleet Management Solution successfully designed and developed in Pakistan.

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TeReSol Video Capture & Compression Card

A Compact High Performance and low cost solution designed for industrial users by TeReSol Team.

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Power Generation Solutions

TeReSol took an initiative with design and development of alternate energy solutions/products especially in solar domain.

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  • TereTrack

    Tracking with accuracy and consistency providing the instant peace of mind you need. Just install this device into your vehicle and locate it instantly….

  • Digital Speech Scrambler

    The development of an exceptional voice security solution offering high level of voice privacy.

  • Video Compression Card

    A compact H.264 external device designed for industrial users that can capture video stream from VGA, or composite of virtually all video resolutions and frame rates.,…

  • Visual Surveillance

    An “Intelligent Video Analytics” based solution by TeReSol team of engineers that makes you “Look beyond Video”

  • BARS

    An RFID based exclusive, widespread and state-of-the-art attendance monitoring solution developed by TeReSol.

  • PAC PAD Takhti-7

    An Android 4.0 based Tablet PC bringing Portability, Accessibility and Entertainment within the reach of everyone.


TeReSol is a research based solution provider that specializes in the field of communications, computer vision, image processing (medical and non-medical), video processing (both medical and non-medical), speech processing, networking and alternative energy solutions.

Using cutting edge technologies TeReSol provides both hardware and software solutions for problems that have no existing solutions available in the market. The solutions provided by TeReSol are thoroughly tested and validated based on user requirements.

TeReSol also offers a generalized product line which can be further trimmed and tailored as per the specific design requirements of the client. The products are hardware based, software based and the combination of the two depending upon its application. These products have undergone vigorous testing procedures to reach its present shape.

TeReSol employs a team of highly motivated and qualified technical professionals in the related areas that work in a conducive and healthy environment.

TeReSol believes in a commitment of developing fresh and energetic engineers into qualified and responsible professionals. Knowledge and expertise attained here, helps in choosing their carrier starting from R&D leading to qualified and proficient Design Engineers. TeReSol offers exciting and challenging opportunities for professionals with strong technical background, commitment for hard work and desire to strive for excellence.