Our creative and highly proficient team of engineers is experienced in signal and image processing techniques along with requisite software expertise to produce various engineering solutions that have been successfully integrated in our products to meet our clients` needs. They work in step with clients, committed to their mutual goals and are willing and motivated to push the frontiers of knowledge in order to stay in step with technological developments around the world.

Technical Team

Our technical team is experienced trained technicians who are focused on providing the highest standard of service that includes:

  • In-house dedicated technical support
  • Response service
  • Asset management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Product Installation & Assembly


Project Managers

Our Project Managers are experienced and motivated to guarantee that our clients receive first class provision, with consistent and timely reports and meetings to confirm that targets are being met.

Software Developers

Our Software Developers are the creative minds driven to produce high quality solutions as per clients` distinctive requirements.