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TeReSol is striving to help organizations to gain a competitive advantage through the efficient management of complex systems, applications and architectures. As IT has become ever more critical to most organizations, so the demands on an organizations technical department have become ever more intense. TeReSol understands these challenges and through combination of utilizing multiple channels, managed services and partnerships with customer; we have been able to assist a number of organizations as they look to reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance performance.
As Oracle`s Gold Partners, TeReSol is ideally placed to deliver mission critical Oracle solutions to clients of all sizes. With dedicated consulting and managed services teams we will be able to specify, design, implement and support Oracle solutions which cut costs, boost productivity and increase industrial competitiveness.
As an Oracle Gold Partner, we will help you to get the most out of your Oracle investment while reducing your total cost of ownership. We focus heavily on Oracle solutions for business and our multiple pre & post sale consultancy teams deliver the highest quality skills and expertise relevant to your business requirements, ensuring your IT systems are up-to-date, running at operating at optimal performance and above all secure.
TeReSol is proud to prove a range of Oracle hardware and software solutions, including Oracle Database, Applications, Servers, and Storage.
TeReSol being IBM`s business Partner is committed to help IBM`s customers pursue new market opportunities and become more productive through the end-to-end transformation of their business models and the innovative application of e-business technology and solutions. As IBM along with its business partners provides product distribution, sales and technical support, solution offerings, technology and business consultancy services, TeReSol banking on its intimate relationship with IBM disseminates same to its valued customers.
IBM creates, develop and manufacture the industry’s most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics. The worldwide network of IBM solutions and service professionals translates these advanced technologies into business value for its customers and we at TeReSol make it possible acting as IBM`s partners.
As IBM’s Business Partners, TeReSol provides a range of IBM solutions, some of which are Expert Integrated Systems, IBM Software, Systems, Storage, Solutions, and Services.
TeReSol is a Proud Partner of Intel. With the help of Intel developments, TeReSol is developing, optimizing, marketing and reselling commercially available products / applications running on Intel platforms and technologies.
Intel® provides its partners exclusive resources to effectively enable and market commercial applications for the Intel  Architecture. It allows its partners to access sales and marketing, business and technical resources. Thus TeReSol has privileges to connect with Intel experts, peers and developers in business and developer communities, connect with other members through the Partner Finder, download and use the Intel Software and Intel Partner Badge in company`s marketing collateral and use Intel Collateral Builder tool to create high-quality marketing material.
Being Intel`s Partner, TeReSol offers reselling of Intel` hardware that includes Processors, Motherboards, Personal Computers, Enterprise Systems, and Storage Solutions.

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