TereTrack – Tracking & Management System


ereTrack is a GPS based vehicle tracker designed and developed by TeReSol for vehicle tracking and monitoring. This product is specifically designed to meet distinguished needs.

It uses GPS and GSM (GPRS) to accurately track vehicle. It offers fleet management, mobile job planning and tools with user friendly interface to readjust schedules and routes. It is an indigenous product which allows managers to remotely monitor and even control the movement and performance of vehicle, through inbuilt speaker/ microphone.

Triple Sim

Supports three GSM operators simultaneously in order to have coverage in maximum areas.

Alert Generation

Several event alerts including harsh braking, geo fence, over speeding, ignition On/Off and other custom defined alerts can be generated.

Online(Live) Tracking

The live Tracking feature gives you the live view of your vehicles’ current location.

Online Reporting

Numerous reports like trip, geofence, over-speed, harsh brake, ignition and telemetry reports can be generated as per user’s requirement.

Technical Specifications