Digital Speech Scrambler


eReSol’s Digital Speech Scrambler (DSS) is a unique Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based frequency domain speech scrambling solution offering a high level of voice privacy. This new methodology does not require synchronization and provides protection against the most determined and technically capable listeners. By digitally scrambling speech signal using customizable proprietary algorithm, the scrambler transmits a scrambled analog signal that is indecipherable by virtually all listeners. Although the scrambled audio produced by the module is unintelligible, the unique scrambling method provides recovered voice audio that is far superior to typical speech scramblers. The scrambling module offers complete compatibility with most of signaling protocol. The Scrambler can be installed into many of the world’s most popular two-way radios. The module can be added to the internal radio structure and leaves the actual size of the radio unaltered. Unlike other typical methods of voice security, TeReSol’s scrambler has a limited effect on the radio’s range and system performance as it has been specifically designed for challenging wireless environment.

Power Usage

Its Low Power Consumption enables use in battery handheld devices.

Security Level

TeReSol’s Digital Speech Scrambler (DSS) provides High Level of Security and offers secure voice communication.

Voice Quality

Provides Good Voice Quality.


Suitable for ICOM, Motorola, Kenwood Radios and Long Range Cordless Phones.

Technical Specifications