PAC PAD Takhti-7


akhti-7 is the latest rollout by the joint venture of PAC and INNAVTEK in the series of commercial products. With a vision to “Strengthen National Economy through Commercialization”, this new version of PAC-PAD provides all the state-of-the-art features present in any international standard tablet-PC. Its’ hardware capabilities, light weight body and superb display make it a perfect IceCream Sandwich! Seamless operations of Android 4.0 on Takhti 7 give you the most luxurious feel that a Tablet PC can provide.

Full HD 1080p

Its manageable 7 inch multi-touch capacitive color screen displays crisp color images and dazzling quality of 1080p movies which can also be viewed on the big screen using an HDMI port.


Now you don’t have to worry about running out of memory space because Takhti-7 is equipped with an 8 GB internal Flash memory and a memory card slot supporting up to 32 GB card.

Entertainment on the go

Device can be configured with different combination of face, finger, card and PIN for identification and verification.


Takhti-7 brings incredible internet experience to your fingertips through Wi-Fi. Stay connected with friends and family.

Technical Specifications