Video Compression Card

ideo capture and compression card is a compact external device that can capture video stream from VGA, or composite of virtually all video resolutions and frame rates. It compresses the incoming stream into H.264/MPEG 4 (Part 10) and relays it to a computing machine for real time storage and display. It is a hardware compression solution with most advance DSP core in order to achieve full HD real time output stream.
Video capture and compression card is designed for industrial users where ultra-high precision in extreme temperatures is indispensable. It has compact size with a feature of stacking multiple cards to form DVR. It has ruggedized connectors with RoHS compliance.

VGA Compatibility

Supports VGA and Composite video inputs.

VGA Signal Capturing

Captures any VGA signal form 640×480 up to 1280×1024 and composite from 525p up to 1080i resolution.

Full hardware solution

no hardware required for video compression on source machine.

Video Compression

H.264 /MPEG 4 (Part 10) baseline profile real time video compression.

Technical Specifications