Visual Surveillance


ost of the cameras installed these days for security and commercial uses do not give intelligent output and management features. These systems thus result in loss of vital information and unnecessary use of manpower to constantly observe and match the camera for detection of unwanted activity. Moreover, these systems also lack alert tools and ample/ efficient storage capability. Visual Surveillance system designed and perfected by TeReSol provides intelligent video analytics and generates not only audio and visual alarms but also SMS and email alerts of unwanted activities or pre-programed events. It also efficiently tags abnormal events and highlights the pre-defined alarms. Our system also intelligently searches the archives and retrieves desired information or as per clients distinguished needs.

Camera Integration

Integration of 16 IP, CCTV or web cams simultaneously.

Motion Detection

Motion detection through trip wire crossing alert or in out of bound areas.

Alert Generation

Generates Alert in the form of audio, visual, SMS and email.

Video Analytics

Intelligent video analytics and solutions based on customer requirements

Technical Specifications

  • Multi-Display support
  • Division Layout
  • Minimum System Requirements
  • Camera or Capturing Device
  • Video Sources Compatibility
  • Video Specifications