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With the explosion in number of imported vehicle tracking solutions available within the country, TeReSol identified the need for a locally designed alternative. All imported products lacked the ability to customize their feature according to local customer needs. In addition, most devices offered only a limited set of features. The main advantage of TeReSol`s locally designed vehicle tracking system would be the ability for full customization and up-gradation according to local customer needs. In addition it would also include all key competitor features packed into one product. The design and development of TereTrack called for a problem solving approach both at the micro as well as macro level.
With expertise in GPS and GSM technologies, the TeReSol team set about designing the tracker. The product featured triple SIMs, which allowed it to remain connected with three different GSM operators (both inland and overseas). For fast response and better control over the components a microcontroller was used. After conceiving the primary features, initial work on GPS and GSM modules was completed by the team. Following this integration of the modules was done using RS 323 interface. Instruction set for the microcontroller was written, lab testing was carried out, following which work on firmware up-gradation was completed. A key feature, which differentiated the tracker from the competition (both local and foreign) was the ability of Over the Air Programming (OTA). This feature allows users/managers to upgrade any change or modification in the firmware or software remotely via server, with the need to recall the vehicle / device. Other features of TereTrack include cost effectiveness, monitoring on the go, complete grip over fuel utilization, maintenance schedule, daily mileage, and reporting of abusive use of their fleet/vehicle by others. TeReSol has complete command over its hardware, firmware and software for any addition or change of service as per requirement. A detailed summary of TereTrack features can also be found under the product page.
Areas which can better benefit as an outcome of such indigenous development by TeReSol team include; transport services, logistics, education sector, distributions of stores/money, emergency services and even individual users. The system allows managers to have live view of their fleets via TereTrack server, without the need for physical monitoring.

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