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Video cameras are found in all types hand held computing and communication devices as well as in standalone units. Most cameras of good quality require huge storage space as well as bandwidth for real time transmission. In order to optimize speed and quality, hardware compression is mostly preferred in cameras. Presently H.264/MPEG-4 (Part 10) is the latest technique for video compression but required latest FPGAs with very high number of gates and speed grade. Yet, the solutions implementing these do not qualify for HD quality video compression vis-a-vis frame rate and are also very expensive. To implement the H.264 at high resolution and high frame rate is a challenge in itself and designing it for low end FPGA adds further complexity to the task.
Available high speed solutions which our competitors offer do not provide bit level access to video data as well as their time stamps in variable frame rate video sequences. The captured video images are mostly placed in containers and if frame rate is less than 25 fps it results in jittery video when played at 25 fps. A major shortcoming is that any event occurring in a time gap of less than 20ms can never be accessed in commercially available cards. Also, the above named high speed cards are hard to find in industrial grade range.
Keeping the challenges in mind, TeReSol team has designed a high performance, low cost solution to address the problem. The result is TVCC. TVCC is a complex 12 layer device that can capture multi format, multi resolution and variable frame rate video stream. Supported formats include VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, WXGA, composite (PAL/NTSC), HDTV, just to name a few. TVCC compresses the incoming video stream into H.264/MPEG-4 (Part 10) and relays it to a computing machine for real time storage and display. It is a real time hardware compression solution with the most advanced DSP algorithms implemented on FPGA in order to achieve full HD real time output stream. All the FPGA cores on the hardware for this card were indigenously developed by the TeReSol team from scratch in order to meet the challenge of varying inputs at varying resolutions and frame rates.
The consequential design of TVCC proved to be advantageous for industrial sector where ultra-high precision in extreme temperatures (-40o C to +85o C) is indispensable. It has ruggedized connectors for RoHS compliance. TVCC cards can be used in a stack configuration and act as a multi-channel digital video recorder. High speed USB controller is used which supports frame capture rate of up to 60 fps along with precise time stamps.

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